Do you dare start this course? You may permanently change the way you perceive course design: never again will you produce a course like before!

Have you already attended an online course that was really... boring? Or even worse, have you made an online course yourself that turned out to be a disaster?

What can be done when learners fall asleep? Is it really fatigue, or just boredom? The objective of a training course should be to learn! So why should a course be ‘solemn’, ‘serious’ or ‘boring’?

Fortunately, not everything in life is boring. Human beings are hardwired to enjoy play; it’s in our genes. Sport and competition, lotteries and gambling, loyalty cards… gaming is rooted in many aspects of our daily lives. Moreover, when we have fun, we retain information better! Therefore, why deprive yourself of the powerful techniques of games when creating a training course?

With our Moodle plug-in Level Up XP, you can integrate fun and games into all of your courses! Become THE GAME MASTER, motivate your learners, and master the subtle art of making even the most complex course enjoyable using gamification and Level Up XP!